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Post media jobs here and reach highly skilled media professionals and freelancers everywhere. We are one of the largest specialized media jobs marketplaces on the web. Whether you are in TV, newspaper, radio, photography or the public relations industry we can help you find the right journalist, editor, photographer, producer, cartoonist...With only a few easy clicks your ad can be seen worldwide. 

Your ad will be posted on our site for 30 days. The fee for a single ad (one job title) is $100. If you intend to advertise more than one position in a single ad (Example: " looking for freelance photographers")  the fee will be $140.

Carefully fill in the form bellow. Once you finish, check the information once again so that no errors occur. Then, press submit button to deliver your ad to us. You will be redirected to the page where  you can select payment options. Keep in mind, if you are paying by check (US only), it could postpone the publishing of your ad until bank clears the check.
NOTE: We reserve the  right to remove any inappropriate ads from the Job Board.

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