Stock Photo Agency - Prices and technical specifications


Each CD  contains 50 - 100 High resolution images. All are saved and delivered in RGB color space (JPG format /  max quality level).  Prices and technical specification are as follows:

Pixel Dimensions

3000 (and more) x 2000 (and more)


300 dpi

Print Format (300 dpi)

approximately A4 

File Size

17+ mb (compressed to approx 2 > mb)

Price for Cds

from 199 USD to 399 USD + Shipping Cost

Single Images Prices (RF)

We sell Royalty Free images in two sizes: High Resolution and images prepared for the Web and Multimedia. All images are delivered digitally on CDs or, in some cases, by download from our site. For download inquiry contact our Image Sales people at  

High Resolution Images

300 dpi, Print Format approximately A4, File size 17 + mb, JPG compressed at highest quality, RGB color space Price:
189 USD + Shipping

Web & Multimedia

72 dpi, Pixel Dimensions approximately 800x600, RGB color space, File format JPG Price:
50 USD + Shipping


At Stock Photo Agency you can license rights protected  images for commercial use. When you buy an image from us you buy a right to use it only one time. We deliver images only in digital format (CD or Download from our site). Files are saved as highest quality JPGs or, on your request, as TIF. More on Rights Protected images you can find here.

Commercial and Editorial use (prices are in USD)

Circulation 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Cover Page
> 1 million negotiate negotiate negotiate negotiate
500.000 - 1.000.000 300 400 500 1000
200.000 - 500.000 250 350 450 900
100.000 - 200.000 200 300 400 800
50.000 - 100.000 180 280 380 750
20.000 - 50.000 160 260 360 700
< 20.000 140 240 340 600


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Non-Profit and Non Governmental organizations pay flat rate to use our images. The price is 250 USD per one usage.


Each print you buy from us is numbered, is a  limited edition (100), and is signed individually by the artist. All prints are on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, one of the longest-lasting true photographic media currently available. When properly displayed under glass it will resist fading for at least 60 years. There are two sizes available. On request we can deliver larger prints developed using LightJet printing technology. 


Prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

LightJet Prints
(only on request)

Print Size 11" x 14" 12 "x 18" 20 "x 24"
Price (USD) $ 200 + Shipping $ 300 + Shipping $ 400 + Shipping

NOTE: Stock Photo Agency delivers glossy finish  and on request matte finish prints You mat and frame your images according to your taste. 







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