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Your reviews can help YOU save money! Once you build up a following of loyal subscribers, brands will start sending you free products to review. 1. JVZoo

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1 related article on The KDP self-publishing portal is unique among all the other eBook selling platforms (Apple, B&N, Google, Kobo, etc.) because it often charges a delivery fee to send books to buyers. This is in addition to the sales commission you pay Amazon for each sale.

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June 16, 2015 Kindle Select is doing this for blatantly obvious reasons – all those short books have flooded the pool, making the 10million money pond actually quite shallow under the current equal distribution model. The longer page-count authors are leaving, while more and more authors are adding novellas to the pool, compounding the problem. It was only a matter of time before KU began to drown in the overcrowded, shallow pool in which readers who paid $10 a month were reading 30 25-page books, costing KU close to 80$/month in borrow fees. (This is especially true in many categories including Romance, Erotica, Horror, and non-fiction like business-help and marketing how-to books). And let's not forget kid's books in KU – they average, what? 25 colorful pages? 25cents for them, too!

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It has become a common practice for people to read online opinions/reviews for different purposes. For example, if one wants to buy a product, one typically goes to a review site (e.g., to read some reviews of the product. If most reviews are positive, one is likely to buy the product. If most reviews are negative, one will almost certainly not buy it. Positive opinions can result in significant financial gains and/or fames for busineses, organizations and individuals. This, unfortunately, gives strong incentives for opinion spamming. You can hire people to write and post fake reviews or comments, and even bribe staff at review, forum and microblog sites to delete posts that you do not like.

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