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Compensation starts at $75 for participating in focus groups, which usually last between 1-2 hours. The drawback was I got paid in Visa gift cards instead of cash, so I went to the grocery store and bought Amazon gift cards with them instead. Companies like Respondent, Fieldwork, and are all legit facilitators of paid focus groups. Or, for the best results, you might try an aggregator service like, which pools together focus group opportunities from several sources. Be sure to check the list of providers on Side Hustle Nation as well.

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Amazon, like other services, tends to "buy off" independent movies directly from (major) festivals (a great example is the Oscar-nominated Manchester by the Sea), but if you're not that lucky to be in Sundance, Tribeca, or Venice, you might be in trouble. This amounts to a solid fee once it's done, and there are, of course, royalties which are a constant source of income for the filmmakers. A contract might also guarantee them a certain percentage of the film's earnings.

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What is "cross-promoting"? Many TikTok creators who are popular on the app will have brands reach out to them, asking them to partner with them for influencer promotions. Brands are always looking for people with large followings. Top TikTokers' estimated earnings are about $50,000-$100,000 per post for a successful brand partnership.

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Instagram has also been testing a more direct monetization option similar to those seen on other platforms: subscriptions. With subscriptions, which have so far only been tested among select Instagram creators, users will be able to subscribe to their favorite influencers' accounts to access exclusive Reels and other content. Creators will be able to set their own monthly subscription prices. Instagram hasn't yet confirmed when it will roll out to the wider public, though, and at the moment simply says it "may not be available to you yet." Without this bonus, Instagram creators will need to lean into other monetization options. Instagram Reels users with larger followings may be eligible to have ads placed over their Reels videos. Getting ad money requires at least 10,000 followers, five (or more) Reels videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership over the last 60 days. Creators can also team up with brands they support to get paid for posting Branded Content. They can make themselves discoverable by brands in Instagram's Creator Marketplace based on their interests, or reach out directly to pitch a paid partnership.

to perform search you should select at least two fields. than hit search button to see results. for example, to search for freelancer in japan, from drop-down menu select that country. than add at least one more search criteria (such us broadcaster or eventually last name). to deselect form simply press reset button.

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Mca from University of Delhi (Graduated 2019)3y Profile photo for Adam Valentine






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