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Amazon Basics However, if the item doesn't fit into the spot you wish to place it, Amazon will bear the return cost. Also, Amazon will bear all other charges such as a handling fee, if there are any.

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If Google is unable to change it, then you can escalate your complaint. Click on the customer support menu in the bottom-left corner of the Google My Business reviews screen. You can include more details about your case there, and the Support team will get back to you in a day or two in most cases. Focus on looking for the signs of the first 3 violations, because those are what Google's filters are most likely to miss. The algorithms take care of everything else.

Now I can use that directly from my mobile. I can also use the non-associates link if I prefer. Amazon gives you credit for 24 hours after you sent leads over. So anything they buy in those 24 hours you get credit for whether it's the exact product that you mentioned or not. Then the customer has a chance to return items for 30 days, then you'll get paid about two months after the end of the month. So January sales get paid out end of March.

Standardization is why phones from different companies can still connect, and Ericsson's inventors have been at the table helping to establish standards for every generation of cellular technology, from 2G to 5G. On World Standards Day, learn how this underappreciated concept keeps innovation churning forward. U.S. soldiers aren't taking to Microsoft's HoloLens goggles, according to leaked military documents obtained by Bloomberg. The vast majority of soldiers testing the headsets reported discomfort, with one tester even complaining that "the devices would have gotten us killed." But Microsoft needn't fear - despite the many complaints, a high-ranking Army official recommended they prioritize improvements before deploying AR goggles more broadly. The Army plans to spend nearly $22 billion on goggles and related expenses.

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On Chase's Secured Site. Finally, the average household spends $646 a year on personal care products, which, if bought entirely on Amazon.com, would bring in another $32.30 in cash back.

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