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Keep in mind that the option to earn money through TikTok Diamonds is not available to everyone. You must be a part of the Creator Next program to be eligible. Additionally, you must: If you signed up for the TikTok Creator Fund, you could make some money with 1 million views. This may amount to about $20-$50.

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Jump Math is a math game that let's you solve math problems by jumping on the correct answers. You get points if you hop on the correct answers. You can stand a chance of winning $100 by getting a minimum score which gets you a ticket into a $100 lotto draw.

If you pay instant fees more than a few times each week, it may be worth signing up for a debit card to save on fees. They can add up to hundreds of dollars every year! More for Instacart shoppers

Critical highlights I am not happy with dhgate I've been using them for a long time and made many purchases, But now I have a package that was supposed to arrive on March 26th, the tracking has not updated since March 7th when it said leaving over seas, the seller refused to refund me, I opened a dispute for a refund as it is stated on dhgate

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