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"I'm not a tech person, I don't use automation, and if I can identify glaring fraudulent review patterns and extensive networks, certainly these tech companies can too," she said. "I created a fake account, wrote a bad review on [Riverbend], flagged it as a bad, fake review, and Google didn't contact this account, didn't look into it whatsoever," he said.

Competitions are an effective way to partner with an influencer that equals almost instant engagement with their audience. Amazon influencers can host a competition on their social media pages, offering free products and discounts to winners as a way to drive brand awareness and interest in the product. The more creative the contest or giveaway, the better engagement will result. Niche hashtags aren't the only ones that can help find influencers, however. Another good starting point is the FoundItOnAmazon page, where participants in the Amazon Influencer Program are listed. Users can click on any influencer's public profile and view their social media details. From there, it's easy to see what types of content the influencer shares with their community and how they engage with their audience.

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You earn commission income on any qualifying items placed in a customer's Shopping Cart within 24 hours of their arrival at via your Associates link. However, this 24-hour window closes once the customer submits his order or reenters through another Associate's link. Once the window is closed, you will not earn commission income on any subsequent purchases. However, if the customer then returns to through one of your Associates links, this opens a new 24-hour window. Commission Income Statement

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If you're selling low-cost items (like books), you'll make a small dollar amount on each sale. Most ebooks on Amazon sell for low prices.

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