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photo of the month



alexander motorca - photo of the month may 2007



alexander motorca, 
jacksonville beach, florida, u.s.a.


mamiya 645

technical data:
1000s, on tripod, 55mm lens,f2.8; 50 seconds exposure, film kodak tmax 100
about the image:

pier at night, from 'while you where sleeping" series
what it meant to me:" while you where sleeping "series, is about seeing the beach not during the sunny day, full of people and activity, but during the night when is dark, no light from the moon or from the stars, no artificial lights, no activity but just as it is ...calm, untouched, the connection between what nature created, the beach, the water, the shine and reflection of the waives and its projection of light into the pier build by men and the bond between men and nature 



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isbn: 1-888001-99-2
intro: gordon parks
design: massimo vignelli
148 full-color photos
208 pages, 9' x 12'
publisher: graphis
more info

"the book in a sense highlights some of my impressions of africa, its people, its landscapes and its beauty over a period of 40 years, from my first journey in 1959 through subsequent trips (1963-1995). it is my diary on what africa has visually meant to me." pete turner


photos with impact by tom mackie

isbn: 0715315056
size: 260mm x 240mm
144 pages
over 150 colour illustrations
signed by author.
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