Royalty free license

A royalty free license  allows you to use an image as many times as you wish without having to pay royalties for each use or reprint of your project or in other projects. However, we and the photographers we represent keep at all time copyrights to all images we supply.

Usage limitation

When you purchase an (RF) images from us, you purchase the right to use theses images for editorial and commercial use on printed and electronic media. By any means, you cannot resell, transfer or  rent this right to any third party. By purchasing and using our images, you agree to be bound by the terms of international copyright laws.

Quality of images

All of our images are professionally captured and color corrected using the latest digital technology and  equipment available. They are saved as JPEG RGB. More information about technical specifications of our images you can find here .



Rights protected (RP) images are images protected by copyright and rented for only a specific, one-time use at a price determined for only this particular usage. All rights not specifically granted to you are reserved.

The rights / license you purchase from us are restricted to your own use or for your direct employer or client who is the end-user. The image CAN NOT be used in any way other than what is explicitly stated on the specific license for this image without paying an additional fee. Read Terms and conditions for more information.

RF image prices, estimates and contacts

Our RP images represent the best creative work of some of the best photographers today. Creativity, originality and best technical quality are main criteria for "Rights Protected" images at Stock Photo Agency. Every use of an image is recorder. In contrast to royalty free images that have a fixed price based upon the size of the image, prices for "Rights Protected" images are based upon how you plan to use the image.

In section "Price / Specification" you will find table with the prices for RP images at Stock Photo Agency. If you intend to use our image for specific project other than shown in the Price / Specification page., send us an email with complete information on how you plan to use it. Contact us at:
As soon as we receive your request we will send you price estimate.

NOTE: Stock Photo Agency supplies only a high - resolution digital files, not a transparencies
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